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Teaching and Research Advisory Committee (TRAC)

About TRAC

TRAC is made up of men and women who have learning disabilities and their supporters. 

We meet every month, and we discuss teaching, research and provide advice and consultancy to other individuals or organisations.

You can see our earlier work here

UDID / LD Nursing Research TRAC


We meet on the last Thursday of every month.

There There is a TRAC annual review in July of each year, and then we break for Summer and meetings start back up in September. There is no meeting in December. 

UDIDD - Learning Disability research


The Agenda is a plan for what we will talk about. We keep a record of what we have said in the Minutes.



Members of TRAC teach all fields of nurses, pre and post registration. We also teach other professions, such as social workers, and police.

UDID / LD Nursing Research TRAC


Members of TRAC have been co-researchers, advisors and participants on many of the research projects done by UDIDD researchers.

TRAC want to find out how to make the lives of people with learning disabilities even better. 

TRAC has inclusive research projects – Looking into abuse; Forgotten Voices 

Contact us

If you would like to find out more information or get involved with TRAC, please contact Dr Stacey Rees

Email: [email protected] Telephone: (01443) 483 055


Ffion Poole

Email: [email protected]  


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