UDDID and partners developed the Once for Wales Health Profile tool

Learning Disability Nursing Research _ Once for Wales Health Profile

Members of the  Unit for Development in Intellectual and Developmental Disability (UDIDD) Ruth Northway,  Stacey Rees and Edward Oloidi in collaboration with partners Improvement Cymru undertook research that informed the development of the Once for Wales Healthcare Profile.

People with learning disabilities often experience many health inequalities and communication difficulties in healthcare encounters.

Commissioned by Improvement Cymru , the new tool aims to enhance access amongst people with learning disabilities in Wales to consistent, safe, and timely healthcare support.

The Health Profile contains information about the person with a learning disability's health, care, support and communication needs and any reasonable adjustments they may need.

A digital campaign about the Once for Wales Health Profile that aims to encourage people with learning disabilities to have and use a Health Profile, and for their families and carers to support them in using it when needed has been launched.

The campaign also aims to encourage people with a learning disability to complete their own  Health Profile and to take it to all health care appointments, such as the GP, dentist, hospital or any in-patient admissions.

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